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Support Your Organization With Our Popular Fundraisers!

Orders can be faxed – 780-594-1958
Emailed –
or phone 780-594-5559 (ask for Amanda)

Build Your Own Fundraiser!

Sell only what your organization would like. Choose a combination of any package from the list below or choose them all.

Call or email your choices to Hamel’s attention Amanda and I will create your fundraiser forms.

Pricing is available upon request and is subject to change.

Based on previous fundraisers your organization can make as much as 20% profit.

For more details contact Amanda by phone (780-594-5559) or email

Meat Fundraiser

Package A 3 Ring Sausage Pack
Package B 1 Lb Beef Jerky – Hamel’s Own
Package C 10 Lbs of New York Style Steaks
Package D 6.5 Lbs Strip Loin Steaks
Package E

25 Lbs Variety Pack

 (NY Style Steaks/Boneless Chicken Breast/Pork Chops/Lean Ground Beef or Patties/Pork Back Ribs)

Package F 10 Lbs of Boneless Chicken Breast
Package G 10 Lbs Hamel’s BBQ Smokies (Reg Flavour)
Package H 10 Lbs Hamel’s BBQ Smokies (Cheese Flavour)
Package I 9 Lbs Hamel’s BBQ Patties (Full Case)
Package J 10 Chicken Kebobs (Teriyaki or Souvlaki)

Jerky Fundraiser

Description Purchase Price Suggested Selling Price Your Profit
1LB Beef Jerky-Hamel’s own $34.00 $44.00 $10.00

View Jerky Fundraiser Form

Jerky Fundraiser

Description 1LB Beef Jerky-Hamel’s own
Purchase Price $34.00
Suggested Selling Price $44.00
Your Profit $10.00

View Jerky Fundraiser Form

Gluten Free Choices

Cheese & Garlic
Jalapeno & Cheese
Ham & Cheese
JERKY – All our jerky is gluten-friendly
Gluten-free burgers can be provided upon request